Walk & Train

45 mins - 1hour of fun, interactive, mental and physical stimulation. Walks are trainer and dog only. Walks are focused on improved leash manners (No pulling, Sit by your side, Leave it, and Recall).

Single Session - $120

Board & Train

Your pups will be taught all of the basics to provide them with a good foundation for life-long manners. Once they have reached the end of their stay, a one-on-one session will be held with you and your pup to show you how to maintain their new training. All training is non-refundable and must be paid for in advance and in full.

10 Nights minimum stay.
$150 per Night

Day Training School

Would you like your dog to be trained during his daycare stay? What we cover:

Obedience commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Drop It, Leave It, Come, Touch, Loose leash walking, Polite greetings (no jumping)

The 5-day package includes a 1-hour follow up lesson at the end of the package, and full day daycare Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.

Week Session Package - $780

2 weeks Session Package - R$1.400,00

Private Training

1hour session

Private training one-on-one sessions are available at the store or at your home. Focused and Customized, we will get to know you and your dog, discuss and assess your goals, review behavior concerns, help formulate a plan and begin teaching the most relevant foundation skills.

Single Session at Store: $120

5 Session Package at Store: $550

Single Session your home/outside: $140

5 Sessions at home/outside: $650

Group Classes - Obedience class

1hour session

Obedience Class is great for dogs of any age who are ready to

work on basic commands such as: sit, down, stay, leave-it,

come and loose leash walking. We also work on impulse

control and anti-jumping exercises. Class is full of natural

distractions, so even if you have a few of these cues already, it

is a great environment to work in to increase difficulty.