Self-Service Dog Washing is a fun family experience with your pet! Many pet owners prefer to wash and groom their pets on their own. 

You and your family bath your own pet in our secure, modern stainless steel tub then dry them with our powerful pet dryers. This is an area where you can comfortably bathe your dog. 

We provide the following for every bath: Our full array of Shampoos and Conditioners, Scrubbers, Brushes, Towels, Professional Dryer, and Expert Guidance! All this for $20!





Small     ---  $60+

Medium ---  $70+

Large     ---  $85

XL large ---  (call for prices)

FOR CATS (call for prices)



In addition Self-Service Dog Washing we also offer Individual Services:

  • Brush Out:             $20+
  • Ear Cleaning:        $10
  • Eye Cleaning:        $10+
  • Teeth Cleaning:    $10+
  • Nail Clipping         $15
  • Sanitary Cut:         $20+
  • Face Trimming:     $15+
  • Pad Trimming:       $10

NOTE: If your pet is matted you will be given the option of paying a de-matting fee to have the matts brushed out or you can have your pet shaved down to rid them of the matts This can be discussed with the groomer to determine which path will be best for your pet.

*Grooming cuts & bath prices vary based on size of dog and condition of coat*

Pick up and drop off services are also available and are to be scheduled in advance in order to be completed. 




Daycare is great for pet owners who work long hours or need to run errands and are concerned about leaving their pets home alone during the day.  With us your pup will get an opportunity to make friends and to learn how to behave in social situations. Here at DOG PLANET we offer both Half Day Daycare and Full Day Daycare to accommodate all pet owners with all sorts of schedules!

Complementary Outside Walks are included in both Half Day Daycare & Full Day Daycare services. We will also be more than happy to feed your pet if you provide us with their food, and times. You are free to bring individual portions each day or leave a bag of food with us which will be labeled & given to your pets at the times you instruct us to.

We also offer Valet Daycare, where you can drop off your pet for an hour for $10 an hour.



$30 full-day  --   $15 half-day

$125 / 5days   --   $260 /10 days

$520 /20 days --  $760 /30 days



If you're going away and need a place to look after your pet overnight where they can be as comfortable as they are at home, look no further ! We are proud to offer COMPLETELY CAGE-LESS OVERNIGHT BOARDING. Which includes 24-hr supervision, outside walks, feeding, fresh water, pet pick up & drop off, (for a small fee) plenty of play with other furry friends & tons of cuddle time from us. All with professional, well trained, caring attention DOG PLANET NY is under 24-hour supervision and your pet will not be left unattended at any time.

We ask that you bring ample food so that we can feed your pet according to your instructions. You are free to bring your pets beds, towels, blankets, treats, and toys so they may feel more at home; Although we will be able to provide them if you choose not to do so.

Walks are also included in boarding services and we will follow the instructions and times that you provide to us at the time of your consultation.

We provide a temperature control room, a TV with special Dog channel, and treadmill so your doggie can feel like he or she is relaxing at a Pet Spa.

Our staff will be more than happy to send you photos or videos of your pet, if you'd like. Please specify your preferred method at the time of drop off, or any time prior to the check-out date.


     PRICE:    Dogs -  $50 any size

                     Cats  -  $40



Are you going away on vacation but prefer to keep your pet in the comfort of their own home? We completely understand and that is why DOG PLANET NY offers pet sitting as well as boarding! We only ask that we do an In Home Consultation at a time that works for you. 

During this consultation, you can show us where you keep your pet's food and other items that we may need to care for your pet. You can also explain any special requests you have and set up the dates and times that you will want us to visit your pet, as well as how many times throughout the day. We will need a copy of your house keys, which will be labeled and kept safe in our store.


Keys can only be returned to the owner of the pet, unless specified by you yourself. Your keys will be returned after you pay for the sitting in full and you will be free to make arrangements at any other time.



  • Ten minute visit:    $15+
  • Half an hour visit:  $25+
  • One hour visit:       $40+



  • Dogs must be in generally good health and have basic behavorial skills. 

  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered once they approach adulthood.

  • Clients need to supply written proof of currents vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella  (Please remember that Bordetella vaccination expires every six months, and is required for dogs attending daycare or boarding per New York City regulations.)

  • All dogs should be current on heartworm, flea, and tick preventative medication.